Lush Oxford Street Exclusives

photo by rebecca loose


After seeing this post about the three storey branch of Lush on Oxford Street, I couldn’t help but pop in and take a peek while I was in London this week. Knowing I didn’t have much money due to my recent job change and upcoming holiday, I had to very carefully select a couple of products. Upon arriving at the checkouts, my wonderful other half very kindly offered to pay and after battling his card off him I gave in.

I decided to pick up products that were exclusive to the store and managed to resist picking up one of their Comforter bubble bars (my all time favourite product) despite theirs being much larger than the ones I find in my usual branch. But of course I had to pick up the Comforter shower cream because the scent is well and truly divine. The scent is just gorgeous, uplifting and stays on your skin for a fair while.

I also went for two bubble bars which are by far the best value bath products they stock, giving multiple uses. The adorable milk bottle shape Milky Bar pictured on the right contains plenty of cocoa butter which gives your bath water that soft, lush-like feel and the scent is both sweet and comforting. Having been a little obsessed with the flamingo trend (my bedroom well and truly proves this) I just had to pick up one of these Pink Flamingo bubble bars! We were shown it in store and the scent is just the true definition of summer. Inspired by cocktails, it’s fruity and creates plenty of bubbles. I can’t wait to make use of this one!

Have you been to Lush Oxford Street yet? What are your favourites?

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  1. thanks for the link to my post! You got such a decent haul, love the flamingo and the milk bottle smelt divine too. X


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