Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Thursday 11th June 2015 I finally had the guts to hand in my notice (with immediete effect) and leave the job that was ultimately making me miserable. The relief was indescribable. I interviewed at a new company later that day and had secured a new job by 5pm the next afternoon to start on Monday 29th. This gave me two and a half weeks of freedom!

In the first week away from work, Matthew and I visited both Twycross Zoo and Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The latter was far better than the former in that the animals had so much more freedom and space than those contained in smaller enclosures at the zoo. In future I’ll be a lot more likely to visit animal parks than zoos because it very much reflects in the animals behavior towards humans. Having been through the Lemur Walk at both places, we found the animal park’s Lemurs to be much more people friendly. They were climbing all over the woman tending the enclosure and getting much closer too the people whearas at Twycross Zoo they weren’t even visible as they’d all hidden round the back.

The selection of animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park were also vastly better. Twycross is great if you want to see a whole lot of miserable primates in small enclosures but the park was home to polar bears, tigers, leopards, giraffes and much more.


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