W is for Wishlist

W is for Wishlist
Since my 24th birthday is just round the corner, I figured it good time to publish a little birthdaay wishlist (hint hint dad, Matthew, Demi) :)

1. Ipad Air 16gb White & Gold – £320 (this will be my birthday present to myself since I’ve upgraded my phone I can trade in both my iPhone 5s and iPad mini and still have a few £££ left.

2. Classic Bike – £149.99 I’ll finally be moving out of the city centre potentially to Aylestone or into the West End so I need a way of getting to work!

3. INSTAX Mini – £59.99 I’ve wanted one of these cute little things for ages, save me ordering from Polagram every fortnight!

4. Lime Crime Centrifuchsia – £15 I’m going cruelty free on beauty and I’m dying to check out Lime Crime’s lipsticks! This ones a top seller.

5. Converse Light Blue (Size 5) – £45 I realised my trainers are all white and these blue ones are rather cute. 

6. Rose Gold Casio – £55 




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