Friday Five #3: Five Ways to be Happier


Dress pretty and feel pretty. Having grown up with two brothers, I have always been a little bit of a tomboy and definitely reflected that in how I dress. Over the last few years I have started dress a lot more feminine but not necessarily in pretty clothes. So recently I’ve been buying lots of lovely florals and pastels and painting my nails in nudes and pinks.

Eat slower and enjoy your food more. I have on many ocassions been compared to a silverback gorilla and to most that’s probably not an endearing quality. Also taking a bit of time over your food helps you to enjoy your food 100 x more and eat less overall so it’d well worth doing.

Take a damn compliment! I have always pushed compliments away, feeling embarrassed and awkward but when you begin accepting compliments, you begin believing them and your self-confidence gets a nice little boost.

Don’t feed the green eyed monster. My lord the last couple of months have been difficult for not getting angry or jealous but I think I’ve got a bit of closure on that and man it feels good. Jealousy sucks the positivity from you so best to not let it into your life. 

Keep yourself in good company. There’s not much worse than feeling down and being left alone to fester and worry about whatever might be getting you down. Although time alone can be head clearing and even relieving, it’s not great for distracting yourself from tough times; good friends do a much better job than Netflix.



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