That’s What She Read #3 : The Power of Tank Girl


For those of you who haven’t heard of Tank Girl; she’s this badass post apocalyptic hero with a kangaroo sidekick/husband and most importantly a tank. She kicks ass, swears a lot and saves the planet. Her “real” name is Rebecca Buck which I also find kinda awesome. I first discovered her a few years ago when a friend made me sit down and watch the 1995 movie adaptation featuring Lori Petty as the sassy warrior that is Tank Girl. These days I am reading her adventures in this beautifully assembled three part graphic novel entitled The Power of Tank Girl.


Each of the three stories throughout this book are unique to one another, each showing quite a different era of Tank Girl both in illustration and narrative styles. I also love the little poems and illustrations between each story. It’s a far cry from my normal reads but it really took me back to when I used to read the Wonder Woman comics and I really felt that sense of escapism reading these stories on my flight from Portland to Chicago. Tank Girl probably isn’t the female role model of the century but she’s a hero girls in their twenties can admire and relate to.




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