HTC One M9 Review

Not my usual sort of post but I have been asked how I’m finding this phone so here goes. I finally took the step away from Apple for the first time in four years. Having started working in mobile phone sales in June, I quickly learnt why iPhones are not only restrictive but also slower and worse quality than most of the high end Android phones on the market.

I had a Samsung tablet a while ago and it lasted a couple of months before starting to gather dust on the shelf. I found that it was much slower than my iPhone and had constant issues when freezing despite being bought new and being the latest model at the time. Matt also has an S5 which he hates and although the S6 & S6 Edge are better, they also lack most of the features which Android users love such as expandable memory and a reliable battery. So Samsung was instantly out the game along with any Microsoft powered smart phones (bleuchhh nobody likes Windows.)

After a lot of deliberation I settled on the HTC One M9 which boasts a whopping 20MP camera and 3gb of ram (almost as much as a standard laptop and triple that of the iPhone 6.) I can also expand the memory to 160gb using a 128gb micro SD card combined with the 32gb of internal memory- hello hundreds of Spotify playlists available offline!

 I also got this cute “dot view” case which puts my phone into dot mode where I can use it through the case. It took merely a day to find my way round the Android operating system but I think I’m still getting used to the 5 inch screen size. Having to hold my phone with both hands seems both crazy and impractical. Android has a whole world of benefits over iOS, for starters you can close all your apps with one tap instead of continuously swiping at the 238 that have accumulated. There’s also a whole lot more focus on customisation which as consumers we all love, and let’s face it my pink and turquoise theme looks way more suave than iOS.

That all being said, I have kept an Apple product in my life with my new iPad Air 2 in gold (droooool), a great upgrade from my iPad mini. I even got a wireless keyboard so I can use it as a laptop like I am right now, or connect it up to my Lenovo desktop and control my PC from my bed.


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