Best Lip Balms


I’m one of those people that should anyone need moisturiser, hand sanitiser or lip balm, I got it. I got it in 8 different scents and 3 different colour tints. Seriously, my handbag is huge. And here’s what’s usually filling it up…

EOS – Vanilla Mint & Coconut Milk
These two are just so buttery and deliciously scented that I just want to eat the whole damn thing. I went a bit EOS crazy while in the US and picked up these in 7 different scents but these are the two that I’d highly recommend to anyone.

Vaseline – Cocoa Butter
Ah classic Vaseline. It’s been a handbag essential since I was 13 but I can’t ever go back to regular, Aloe Vera or even the rosy tint Vaseline after how much this one salvaged my lips last winter.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser
This is one to save until your lips are in need of some serious love. It’s slightly minty and kinda looks like toothpaste but it works like magic. Just apply sparingly as the cream formula can leave you with either ghostly lips.

Pixi Shea Butter Balm
A product I’ve mentioned on here time and time again. A perfectly soft, raspberry scented and tinted lip balm which is both cruelty free & affordable. I picked another shade up while I was in the states but I managed to lose it before even arriving home, GUTTED.



  1. That’s so weird it like only just started showing up in my stats that people were being referred to me via that post! Ahh yes please come see me for drinks and silliness xx


  2. I read yr blog recommendation and was about to do one in response but it’s gone??? I am so confused. I miss you. EOS lipbalms are so cheap in the US and I miss that shit.


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