Z is for ZZZZZZ 

Yeah I got a bit lazy with the title here but it ties in with how I’ve felt recently and how this blog post panned out. 

So August has been a month full of being ill, sleeping, Netflix and being glued to the sofa. I work for an affiliate of Carphone Warehouse who were the victims of a cyber attack where 2.5 million customers’ details were stolen. When the cyber attack happened we were temporarily closed and ended up with almost three weeks off work which was very kindly not only paid on salary but also on comission to match the previous week. Since I’ve recently had six weeks off work unpaid, I don’t have much in the bank which meant I spent most of this time glued to the sofa or in bed feeling sorry for myself. 

I’ve also been under a great deal of pressure with an array of issues including an ongoing complex situation involving both my relationship and some friendships, my living situation and coming to terms with my parents having finally sold our family home to move 100 miles further away. I’m going to be moving to a new home shortly and things have been extremely rushed and stressful and I’m glad it’s basically finally sorted so I am spending my bank holiday Monday mentally decorating my new place and buying some cute bits to make it more homely. 

I also feel like this is a time that I’ve really appreciated some of the friends that I have and realised some things that suck and that some things will be okay. I guess all the pieces will fall in place shortly. I’m really looking forward to September; a fresh bonus month at work, turning 24 and moving into my new home will be lovely but I have a few more challenges yet to overcome.


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