11 Things To Look Forward to Now It’s Turned September


September has always been one of my favourite months. Home to my both my birthday and the start of a fresh school year (well obviously not any more), September marks a time in the year for fresh beginnings, resolutions and de-cluttering. I’ll be moving into a new place in just over three weeks and I’m very excited to be moving so close to work and also to be living on my own again therefore having my own space. 

Here are even more things to look forward to now the nights are drawing in earlier…

1. Scarves. I love me a good scarf, especially a tartan one or one with a real chunky knit. I can’t wait for the weather to be cold enough to start sporting the new scarf I picked up in America. 

2. Hot chocolate. My flatmate and I often make mega hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows, a perfect treat on a cold evening.

3. All things Halloween. Halloween has to be my favourite holiday and it’s also when all the supermarkets start rolling out cute little gothic homewares that I can’t help but go crazy over. 

4. Dark Lipsticks. Time to start rolling out the plums and browns and dark reds. MMMmm. 

5. Warm & spicy fragrances. And following on from that, all those fragrances you’ve missed during summer that have woody, spicy and musky undertones. 

6. Candles. It just doesn’t feel right having candles burning in the blazing hot heat but once the weather has cooled, it’s 100% appropriate to get those cinnamon, caramel and chocolate candles on the burn.

7. Cable knit. It’s finally time to start wearing my chunky knits, cable knits and all round awesome autumn/winter jumpers. Cute AF.

8. Boots. I hate that during the summer, my footwear options are very limited. I don’t do well in dainty shoes so I spent all the hottest days in a pair of white converse. Glad to finally be back in Docs and other cute little boots.

9. Autumn leaves. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. All those red and brown leaves on the ground just make me so nostalgic. 

10. Tea, coffee and pumpkin spice. All the yummy wintery drinks start rolling out soon and I can’t wait for a pumpkin spiced and toffee nut latte. The days of the creamy mango cooler shall be long gone.

11. Winter coat shopping. I have too many coats already but I have to spend hours shopping for one every year. It usually takes me so long to find the perfect one that by the time I do, the Spring clothes are in the shops and it’s time to pack up my Winter wardrobe. 



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