That’s What She Read #4 : The Maze Runner


I recently saw the popular film adaptation of The Maze Runner and I knew I just had to read the books before seeing the rest of the movies.

If you haven’t heard already, The Maze Runner is a story about a group of boys who all woke up without their memory in the centre of a ginormous maze. Placed in there one by one, month by month, Thomas is the newest arrival. They don’t know who put them there or why but they spend day after day trying to solve the maze that ultimately feels like a prison. When Thomas comes along the peace is disturbed and he runs into the maze under strict order not to. Not long after, the first girl arrives along with a note reading “She’s the last one, ever.”

This book falls into the young adult genre like The Hunger Games and Divergent which I thoroughly enjoyed both of. It contains just enough violence and fear that it’s teen appropriate but it’s no Twilight.

It’s National Read a Book day today so I spent a lot of my day reading this although I will admit, I read the first quarter earlier in the week. Sadly, I’ve been very ill again all damn week. so I’ve spent a lot of time confined to my bed- thank god for books and blogging!! I’m really looking forward to the next in the series; The Scorch Trials , especially since the end of this book left me wondering what the hell is out there?



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