20 Things To Do Before Turning 25



With just over a year to go until the big two-five I figured it time to complile a list of things I’d like to achieve by this time next year. I’ve spent such a long time writing these that I can already start crossing them off! Scary that the next big milestone is 30 and I’m still stuck in that weird place between calling myself a graduate and an adult.

1. Pass my driving test. I was a bit slow on the whole learning to drive thing and only got my provisional license in January of this year at age 23. Although I shall now be living in the very centre of town, I guess learning to drive will be something to open up more opportunities and allow for fun road trips to see friends from uni and home.

2. Own my own furniture. The deadline on this one will be a few days after my 25th when I’m next due to move home again. I’d love to have all my own furniture instead of typical Ikea beech-wood rental furniture. If I haven’t bought my furniture by 25, I’d at least like to have the money ready in the bank to do so.

3. Be happy with my body. Now this is a goal that both needs work physically and mentally. In order to be happy with my body I need to be closer to 8 stone than 9 as well as more accepting of the things that I can’t change such as my pale skin and wonky nose.

4. Learn some basic sewing skills. I was always terrible at sewing as a kid, it always felt like it wasn’t creative since the actual sewing part is all measurements and fiddly threads in needles. But thesedays I guess I should know the basics like sewing a button back on or raising a hem.

5. Make use of at least 30% of the lipsticks I own (or give them away.)ย Women in their 20s are known for hoarding lipsticks and nail polishes by the hundred and lord knows we only use 10% of the colours we own. I need to get all my colours into rotation or find them a home where they’ll be loved.

6. Learn to budget better. I am a spendoholic. Anybody who knows me will know how much I spend each month on homewares, beauty, clothes and cool little nerdy bits. But I really need to start differentiating between what I want and what I need in order to save rather than spend.

7. Pay off my student overdraft. It has to be done by my 25th birthday or the interest will start rolling in and I just cannot justify giving money to the bank for nothing!

8. Learn that quality is better than quantity. As much fun as it is going into Primark and chucking anything you like into the basket, you don’t need 100 tops that last 5 wears, you need 5 that last 100.

9. Travel to/in another country alone. This irrational fear of getting lost, ending up on the wrong flight or being kidnapped in broad daylight needs to be gotten over. America & Canada here I come!

10. Stop doing things you don’t want to just to make others happy. The older you get, the more you lose your faith in humanity. You start to realise that even people who are convinced they’re good are ultimately self-centred and will put you out on your ass to save themselves. Stop doing good things for bad people.

11. Take my parents out for a classy meal. In your 20s, you really start to appreciate your parents. They have been mega supportive throughout university and in the months after where I needed help getting on my feet. A year later and they’re helping me out again because of my terrible life choices. They deserve to be wined and dined.

12. Remind myself I’m young. Since I’ve become such a homebody these last couple of years, I need to prove to myself that I can still go out drinking all weekend, without passing out and without being sick. Come on soldier.

13. Learn to cook. I don’t own a single cook book, I am still almost as fussy as I was in my teen years and my cooking skills don’t go much further than microwave rice and mexican meal kits.

14. Read all the classic books. Not all of them but certainly the 10 or so that have been on your ‘to-read’ list for the past 5 years.

15. Appreciate your health. With how I’ve treated my body for the last ten years, I’m honestly lucky to be alive. Not only do I need to get my body into better shape but also into better health with a huge concentration on eating my five a day.

16. Understand that life won’t always go as planned. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, life will just not go the way you imagined. Sometimes it will give you something utterly amazing and then snatch it away from you. Part of growing up is accepting fate and accepting that you cannot have everything you planned, however unfair.

17. Grow my brows in. They say the best eyebrow shape is your natural one therefore you should only pluck the strays. Mine are most of the way back to their full shape but I think I’ll need to cut a full fringe in to grow the rest out.&nbsp

18. Find a new hobby. I have blogging and reading and I am quite into my music and movies too but I feel like I need a more routine hobby in my life. I want to find something that involves meeting new people and subscribing to a weekly activity. Currently thinking about kick boxing, a book club or a sport.

19. Get a lap dance. I’ve been to strip clubs nuff times and I’ve never had a lap dance. I’m curious damn it.

20. Stop being a mug. I’ve been a total mug over the past few months and although I don’t want to divulge, I’m not going to be falling for anyone’s crap again.


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