Wake me up when September ends.


So many things are happening at once. I am dealing with a soul destroying break up, the ongoing stress of moving home (twice- thank you bastard estate agency), not seeing my family around my birthday, them leaving my childhood home, settling in a new job that keeps throwing new challenges at me every day and just added little bits of stress that almost reduce me to tears in public.

The list goes on. My god I am glad to have the supportive friends and family that I do. I cannot wait for this god awful month & year to be out the way so I pick myself up and get back into a positive mindset. I have so much pent up anger at the universe and there are some things I need to come to terms with. All that being said, I do have some fun stuff planned for this weekend as my 24th birthday is coming up on Monday so I at least have that to look forward to.

More relevant though, I shall be taking a short break from blogging before a return in early-mid October with some fresh content, layout changes and another themed series of posts. I hope you all have a brilliant month!



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