Friday Five #5 : Qualities Your Best Friends Should Have

The ability to make you feel better in every possible situation. Whether that be by bringing you your favourite food, being a shoulder to cry on or by doing that impression that gets you in stitches every time, a true friend will always be able to cheer you up.

Someone you will always admire and look up to. Friends should be people who you can look up to, find inspiration in and admire things about, after all, that’s one of the reasons they’re your friend in the first place. If you surround yourself with people who make you feel negative, only bad things can come.

Someone who’s qualities well outweigh your worst ones. Having friends who rationalise your behavior, take you aside for a moment and calm you down when you’re at your absolute worst is often something necessary to retain your sanity. 

Does things so out of their way to help you that you would never have even asked them to do it in the first place. Seriously though, some of my newest and greatest friends have done some incredible things for me lately. From moving my stuff in to my new flat to letting me stay with them, couldn’t ask for more!

Someone who understands your weirdness. There’s truly nothing better than being surrounded by people who you can be 100% your weirdo self around. All of my closest friends are weird, all of my high school friends were weird and really, if you’re not weird then you’re boring as hell. Embrace the freak within. 



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