The Body Shop Vitamin E Range


This year I finally took advantage of The Body Shop’s birthday gift – £5 off along with the usual 10% and a three for two offer, I think the three items I bought came to something like £12, bargain! I’ve been religious to this skincare routine for a good month now and my skin is clearly very grateful for it, I’ve never looked so naturally radiant.

Hydrating Toner
This toner has been a go-to product in my Autumn skin care routine. It’s great on days where I don’t have time for a shower therefore don’t use either of my two usual cleansers and go for a cotton-pad routine using Olay’s cleansing lotion and this toner together. It really gets in there are cleans out dirt I would never known was still on my skin.

Sink-In Moisture-Mask
I tend to use this before bed, right after using a face mask and I always without fail wake up with a face as soft as a baby’s butt. It can leave your skin greasy if it hasn’t had a chance to really sink in so ensure you don’t use this for at least 30 minutes before applying make-up or other skin products.

Face Mist
This was the first product I picked up from the Vitamin E range, having seen a few positive reviews I purchased it maybe 6 months ago and have been using it on and off since. For the most part, this face mist is great for soothing the skin after an intense face mask or exfoliant treatment. It’s also great for setting make-up but I stand by my Urban Decay Setting Spray for that.

Moisture Serum
This serum feels great after using Clinique’s Foaming Facial Wash and leaves the same sort of squeaky clean, tight feeling to your skin. Use before moisturising or even as a primer for a perfectly smooth, poreless, fresh complexion.



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