Pixi Correction Concentrate


If you haven’t already heard, Sky are giving away £100 M&S vouchers to all new customers and since I just moved home, I took Sky’s deal and treated myself . As well as candles, cushions and other cute homey bits I also picked up a couple of products from Pixi, my favourite high end, cruelty free beauty brand. The first was a product I was desperate to re-purchase (Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar) because after picking it up from Target in Portland, I managed to leave it somewhere in North America. The second was this cute little Correction Concealer which I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Pixi’s Correction Concealer is a dense paste which instantaneously corrects dark circles, scars and other blemishes. In the packaging it looks very much a pink colour but blends seamlessly into the skin and completely camouflages any visible darkness or redness. I was very surprised by the density and it reminds me of my former love for Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer which I stopped using due to Benefit’s animal testing policies. Pixi is of course 100% Cruelty Free. 

What I’m most happy about with this great find is that Pixi’s products will now be stocked in my local M&S, one of the nearest stores to my home. Pixi’s skincare range looks really luxurious and high end so now I’ve had a chance to browse their great range of products I’ll be trying out their bestselling Glow Tonic, Rose Oil Blend, & Glow Mud Mask

Have you tried any of Pixi’s skincare or beauty products? Which are your favourites?



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