47 Happy Things.


I encourage all of you bloggers, readers, friends and weirdos to write your very own happy things list. It made me smile thinking about writing this, giggle while I wrote it at my computer and cry when I realised how silly some of the things that make me sad are. There are so many more important things in life than what holds us back and sometimes those things are just the simplest of all.

Here is my happy list, a collection of the little things in life that make it worth all the heartache and sadness.

  1. Hot buttery crumpets with marmite
  2. Fluffy bed/slipper socks in shades of pink & cream
  3. Twinkly pretty fairy lights
  4. Candles, wax melts, incense and anything scented
  5. Freshly washed bed sheets against freshly shaven legs
  6. A book you’ve been looking forward to for ages
  7. Hot, fresh dominos pizza and garlic dip, all the garlic dip
  8. Taking your bra/pants off after a long, hard day
  9. The feeling of accomplishment when you’ve cooked an amazing meal
  10. When you find an album that you just can’t stop playing
  11. When you find the name of a song that you’ve been hunting for
  12. Getting an unexpected, hefty tax rebate
  13. Getting to the check-out and finding out you’ve spent 1/2 what you thought
  14. Getting to payday and still having a bank balance
  15. Waking up and realising it’s the weekend
  16. Finding money/wine/chocolate you didn’t know you had
  17. Nail polish that hasn’t chipped after a whole week
  18. Little throw cushions scattered on every sofa, bed, and corner of your home
  19. Hot delicious cherry pie with canned cream
  20. Netflix & Chill
  21. Coming home from work to the fathead you rolled that morning
  22. When you find a new TV show you never knew existed and watching it all in one night
  23. Bubble baths with candles and Lush products
  24. Sweet & sour prawn balls from the Chinese
  25. When all your payday shopping arrives on the same day and you feel like a spoilt kid
  26. Long phone calls with family & friends
  27. Tea & custard creams
  28. Spending the whole day reminiscing because you wore an old perfume
  29. Coming home to/waking up to a perfectly clean home
  30. Planning holidays, booking holidays and taking holidays
  31. When your friends know exactly what to say to make you smile
  32. Planning cute little trips to see old friends from home and from university
  33. New shoes that are instantly comfortable
  34. Winning on a scratchcard, especially one you got for free at work
  35. Parma Violets; the smell, the taste, even Parma Violet scented candles, mmmmm
  36. Finishing a damn good book and then putting the movie adaptation on straight away
  37. Insense cones that make your home smell like Turkish Delight
  38. Turning over the calender to another hilarious and adorable photo of a pug
  39. Crispy M&Ms, nuff said
  40. Christmas shopping, especially when you can afford the best of the best
  41. The feeling when you give somebody an amazing gift that you knew they were going to love
  42. Opening a gift that almost brings you to tears cos it’s so perfect
  43. Baking something really delicious and satisfying especially if you didn’t use a recipe or scales
  44. When your eyebrow game on point
  45. Remembering something totally awesome and hilarious from your childhood
  46. Rose wine, I want to bathe in rose wine
  47. Catching up with an old friend after your lives have changed like LOADS but your friendship remaining as if it were yesterday that you were drinking WKDs in the park




      1. A very Becca-esque juxtaposition. Yesssss!! I will be home to Leicester briefly but I’ll be spending actual Xmas here. You should visit mate.


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