The Lush A/W Lust List 2015


Lush have released a great range of Autumn/Winter products featuring some of their usual Christmas & Halloween favourites as well as some exciting new ones. Everything listed below is either a special edition or new release product which I am yet to try, hence the name Lust List.

Salted Coconut
Hand scrub, £7.95/100g
I’m a sucker for any sort of hand product and any sort of scrub so when I noticed Lush had combined the two and thrown in a delicious coconut scent I was instantly intrigued.

Razzle Dazzle
Bath oil, only £2
This is possibly the lowest price tag I’ve seen on a Lush product since I first started using them in 2010. Razzle Dazzle is a bath oil, which from what I can see is the only product of this type available in Lush UK. It also looks like it will be very much a scent I love, containing many of the same scents & ingredients as favourites like Rose Jam, The Comforter and Snow Fairy.

Pumice Power
Foot Soap & Scrub, £3.25
Feet are an easily neglected part of the beauty regime and I very rarely remember to exfoliate my feet. It was only really when I got a Soap & Glory gift set that included foot gel that I really began to pay attention to them at all. Pumice Power looks like an absolute godsend for forgotten feet and followed with a great gel or cream and some fluffy slipper socks will be a great weekend pamper treat.

Rose Jam 
Fragrance, £32
Of all Lush’s limited edition scents, Rose Jam has to be my #1 favourite. Anything Rose scented is a winner and reminds me of Turkish Delight which in return reminds me of being very young and enjoying it with my grandmother. I’ve previously tried the shower gel and bubbleroon but the fragrance sounds divine and I’m dying to get my hands on one.

Lord of Misrule
Bath bomb, £3.25
Halloween’s most popular bath bomb, now also available as a shower gel and yet still something I’ve never sampled. As you can probably tell, I am instantly drawn to pinks & purples as well as sweet and foody scents. Lord of Misrule is quite the opposite boasting an earthy, herby aroma.

Bar Humbug
Bubble bar, only £3.65
I was initially put off this as Bar Humbug was described online as having a liquorice based scent but having sampled a quick sniff of this in Lush earlier in the week, I will certainly be giving this a go when I next stop off in town. The peppery, earthy scents come through while still being sweet and delicious.

Have you tried any of these Lush products? Which are really worth the cash?


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