Friday Five #6 : My Top 5 Cruelty Free Beauty Brands



Earlier this year I made the decision to start making more thoughtful choices with my beauty purchases and go 100% cruelty free. Animal testing for cosmetics has always been something that saddens me and since my dietary decisions are no longer particularly animal friendly, I feel like it needs to made up elsewhere. Sadly, the majority of the beauty products are tested on animals especially the biggest and cheapest brands like Rimmel, Maxfactor and Loreal *cries* this is down to the laws for animal testing outside of the EU. Cosmetic testing is now officially banned across the UK and EU but thanks to countries like China who legally require their products to be dermatologically tested, millions of animals suffer every year.

Luckily, I found this incredible list of cruelty free beauty brands here and have been referring to it constantly since.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop are renowned for not testing on animals and although they had a brief stint of customer outrage in 2006 when the company was sold off to beauty giant Loreal, they have kept their policy on animal testing the same since the very beginning. This means their products have never been tested on animals for cosmetic or other purposes.

Barry M

They’ve been one of my absolute favourite brands since I was very young so I was really relieved to find out didn’t test on animals. I own over 60 Barry M nail polishes and a lot of their lipsticks and blushes too so I was glad to find out I could continue to expand my collection and will remain my go-to nail brand.


Lush are not only well-know for their anti-animal testing stance but also their active campaigning against it! I’ve adored their products from day 1 and they’re something I’ve never had to feel guilty for buying. Because Lush also produce a lot of Vegan products (which they clearly label as vegan too,) their gift boxes are perfect presents for vegan friends and family. 


This ones a biggie, and one I’m so so glad for. Superdrug have a huge range of own brand products and many of those are perfect dupes for high-end products which have been tested on animals, so they’re the perfect alternative. They also manufacture B. and MUA which means that those two are also fully cruelty free. 


I know I know, I haven’t shut up about Pixi since I first discovered them, but finding a cruelty free brand with gorgeous packaging and high quality products is both rare and exciting. Now available in M&S. 




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