Netflix & Chill #3


Having recently got a new Samsung Smart TV with a Chromecast, I’ve been able to expand what I’m watching using apps like Showbox and extensions like Hola Better Internet. It means I now have access to a whole load of extra stuff from my lounge rather than being restricted to my desktop pc in my bedroom. These posts will now show a wide range of tv shows, not all available on Netflix. 

Netflix newest and best original series! This adaptation of the 90’s slasher movies is a who-done-it that you just have to binge watch from start to finish. Having seen both the Scream movies & their parodies, I still had no idea who the killer was and it kept me guessing right up to the very last scene.

American Horror Story – Freak Show
Having watched and thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1, 2 & 3 of AHS, I had to give this a go as soon as it appeared on Netflix. Freak Show was a bit of a challenge to watch alone especially with a giant murderous clown on the loose but having almost finished it now, I’m eager to try watching season two again before moving onto the latest series which looks amazing.

Life After Beth
An unconventional zombie flick featuring Park & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza as a grumpy-bitch zombie who turns up just a few days after her own funeral knowing nothing about her untimely death. I found this on the US Netflix and loved it.

Another Netflix original series which totally blew me away. I loved the concept, the acting, the narrative, everything. Sense8 follows the story of 8 characters whose senses are strangely synchronised. They, without choice, telepathically communicate and are quite literally thrown into each others lives.

For a Good Time Call
This one is a total chick flick and a far cry from what I’d usually choose to watch but I really enjoyed it and actually found it really funny. The story follows a girl who, under all circumstances, opens a sex line company with her slutty roommate, that alone is good enough basis for a hilarious movie.  

Bobs Burgers
Bobs Burgers is a hilarious cartoon by Fox about the Belcher family who own a burger restaurant and get up to all sorts of hilarious adventures. I love how developed the characters of the three kids are especially Tina (BUTTS).

Limitless (The Tv Show)
Having watched and loved the Limitless movie time and time again, I was excited to hear that they were following it up with a TV series as well. Following the story of Brian Finch, the small screen adaptation is set shortly after the movie when NZT’s hazardous side effects have finally been repressed by a new drug… cue Bradley Cooper.


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