15 Things That Rule About Living Alone


In the four years I’ve lived in Leicester, I’ve had a string of flatmates, some good and others a nightmare and others who practically dropped off the face of the earth (she was in Zimbabwe don’t worry.) I now live alone for the second time and this is by far the best way to be. I am someone who very much likes their own personal space. I have lived with messy people, loud people, snoopers and thieves, totally selfish idiots, some of my best friends and people I cannot trust and have compiled a list of things which all been solved simply by living alone.

1. Only having to clean your own mess rather than everyone else. I’ve lived with some mucky cretins in the past and nothing is better than my spotlessly clean place. Nothing worse than having to clean around someone’s crap.

2. Nobody to drink your milk, eat your bread or steal your cake. ALL OF THE FOOD.

3. Singing the wrong lyrics at the top of my voice to dutty reggae & dance hall on a weeknight, no qualms.

4. No house rules (except the landlords which nobody really cares about.) I’ve lived with anti-smoking/anti-incense/anti-noise people before and it’s totally anti-fun.

5. 2am trip to the kitchen in your birthday suit for a bowl of cereal? Want to sit and eat ice cream in your pants all Sunday? Nobody’s judging.

6. Wanting to be alone and being able to be alone. I find so much solace in my own company and engaging in solo hobbies like reading and writing, living alone gives me all the time I want for it.

7. Even with three to four guests on my lunch breaks from work the bin only needs emptying about once a week and there’s no more waiting for anyone else to take their turn.

8. Having 100% control over decor means four home ware shopping sprees a month but nobody to drunkenly throw your things off the balcony (yes, genuine flatmate from hell behaviour)

9. No bitch be borrowing my clothes, makeup, shoes, coats and handbags. I lived with a serial borrow-without-asking-and-never-give-it-back-er who had me buying replacements for my own stuff because I thought I’d lost it.

10. Nobody will disturb your sleep (as long as your phone is on silent)

11. Having full control of bills, suppliers and house-hold decisions. I lived with someone in uni who decided to take the highest possible cost ADSL broadband with a ยฃ130 installation charge *insert clap emoji*

12. No endless back-and-forward confusing sharing of the bills/grocery/take away IOUs.

13. Feeling at full liberty to talk absolute shit because you are the only person listening. Perhaps I need a cat.

14. Nobody else to share my limited supply of hot water. I like my baths, nobody can take my baths away.

15. Music levels and or quality. I am often know to blare my music like a stroppy teenager and I am also often known to use the shuffle feature on Spotify which can often prove for quite an eclectic playlist. Parkway Drive followed by (XFactors one and only Ghanaian dance hall duo) Menn on Poinnt followed by a slow Simon and Garfunkel ballad- say what?


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