Friday Five #7: Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering


I moved away from home just over four years ago now and when I moved house in September of this year, I realised just how much stuff I’ve managed to accumulate during that time. Having lived in such a diverse range of properties, my storage space has very much varied and there have been times where I’ve actively bought extras to fill empty space. This time round, I am living alone in a small (but cosy) city centre apartment and with my wardrobe being tiny, I definitely had to have a good clear out. I did at first struggle to decide what to take and what to keep but it soon dawned on me that there were just 5 questions I needed to ask myself…

1. Have I used or worn this in the last 12 months?
I’m a sucker for keeping clothes that either don’t fit or aren’t in style just in-case that changes. Realistically if you’ve made it through four seasons without it then you won’t need it at any point in the future.

2. Is this the only item with this same sentimental value or is there something smaller just as worth holding on to?
I like to keep a shoebox full of sentimental items like tickets, friendship bracelets and photos because it’s nice to open up every now again and be reminded of our past. When clearing out, it’s important you’re not keeping anything bulky for sentimental value when really you could have a photograph instead and save on the space.

3. Have I got more than one thing that functions the same?
I’m in the habit of keeping more than one of the same thing because I don’t want to waste it or throw it away. A great idea is to compile a big box/hamper of unwanted things that your friends/family might find they need and invite people to help themselves from said box whenever they come over.

4. Is the cash value of this item worth more than its value to me personally?
Don’t hoard things that lose value like electronics and items of clothing that don’t fit but are still in style. You could be selling them on DePop or Ebay for much more than they’re worth to you so why let the value decrease while you hoard it?

5. Do I really have space for this?
 Sometimes there are things that we categorically want to keep but if it means hugely compromising your home space then you just have to get rid. Sad times.



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