Friday Five #8: 5 Reasons I Blog


#1 I have always wanted to be a writer

From a very young age I wrote fictional stories and poetry in my spare time with the dream of becoming an author. I exceeded in English Language and creative writing while I was at school, college and then on to university where I studied Journalism & Creative Writing.

#2 It’s a great hobby to have

A lot of people don’t have a hobby at all and having something to really call your own is fantastic. If it wasn’t for my blog I’m not sure what I’d say when people asked about what I do in my spare time- job interview gold!

#3 The blogging community is awesome

Bloggers are on the ball; they teach you tips and tricks and show you where to buy cool pinteresty things that you’d otherwise be swooning over by stoking your ipad screen. Bloggers not only share information via their content but often comment useful things to others which is cute as hell.

#4 Blogging is a great way to showcase your work

There are several posts on here which, if necessary, would make a great last-minute portfolio to showcase things I’ve written with easy navigation. Also worth mentioning that it keeps you in the practice of writing which as an aspiring writer is always a posi. 

#5 I really really enjoy it

Sometimes remembering to post can be a slight burden but the main reason I blog is because I absolutely love putting posts together, reading other blog posts, coming up with ideas, taking photos, editing photos and getting creative with my content.



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