That’s What She Read #6 : The Grownup


I was stoked in September when I found out Gillian Flynn was releasing a short story on Kindle for only ยฃ1.99 and now it’s finally here I am happy to say it was worth all the excitement. I believe that being able to write concisely, build atmosphere, and create bold characters in a short story is an incredible skill to have and Flynn really proves herself in this gripping 64 page story.

In just 30 minutes, I was so captured by The Grownup that I was almost upset when I unexpectedly reached the end of the book (damn Kindle!) Flynn invites you into the world of an unnamed psycic/con artist who you’re instantly emotionally invested in; her intentions are good, she’s likeable. But it’s not long before Flynn injects a touch of drama and our female protagonist ends up trapped in a psychological paradox.

Have you read The Grownup? What are your thoughts?



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