Caring For Your Candles


Near enough everyone in the blogging world is obsessed with candles, it’s a mega cliché but I’m sure we’ve all wasted a good candle by not caring for it properly. Here’s a few tips on how to care for your candles and make the most of them…

Don’t under burn your candles. Dependent on the size of a candle, a minimum burn time of 30 minutes to 4 hours is necessary. This stops the candle from ‘tunnelling’ or burning unevenly. There’s nothing worse than a candle going to waste because you can’t even get to the wick.

Don’t over burn your candles. I once left a large Yankee jar candle burning over night and the result was a horrible tar-like burnt cherry smell that never returned to normal, sad face. Never leave them alight for more than 5 hours on a large candle and 2 on a medium/small.

Discontinue using the candle when less than 2.5cm of wax remains. Not only will it struggle to burn but if the glass jar ends of hot, it could damage the surface or simply crack and break and nobody wants wax all over their sides do they?

Make sure the first burn is even. The first burn of a candle is the most important as memory rings are created and they determine how the candle continues to burn. I have previously left a large Yankee jar candle burning overnight and woken up to the smell of burnt cherries. The wax will begin to smell very odd and be discoloured so leave a 5 hour maximum on any large candles and 2 on small ones. ill burn for the rest of its life.

Trim the wick. On the first burn of your candle, trim the wick down by about 50%, this avoids it burning right down before it’s had a chance to absorb any melted wax. After each long burn on a candle, the wick should be trimmed a little for the best possible burn in future. Obviously wait for the candle to reach room temperature/solidity first! This also prevents blackening of the jar.

Keep out of the sun. Candles, like most coloured and scented products are very sensitive to sunlight and can often fade or lose their scent when left in well lit areas like window sills.

Have you got any further tips I haven’t included?





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