That’s What She Read #7 : Fifty Shades of Feminism

“Patriarchy can be more visible and tangible in some cultures, but let us not forget that it is universal. And so is the need for writing on women’s issues. “

I picked up this hardback in an independent book store in Vancouver, Canada earlier this year with my friend January. I set out to read it almost straight away and then somehow put it off for four months. It was so so long ago that the photo above was taken in my old flat that I moved out of in mid-September!

To be fair once I finally dug in, I finished the whole thing over the course of one day at work as I found myself engrossed from start to finish. 

Edited by Lisa Appignasi, Rachel Holmes and Susie Orbach, this collection written by fifty different women explores femininity from a variety of angles. From gay women to women of Islam, Fifty Shades of Feminism comments on women’s issues, feminism and the patriarchy. 

Essentially, 21st century first world women feel a) lucky that they are not in the dire situations that other women in less fortunate circumstances are, b) pride in their small triumphs over misogyny and c) more than certain that feminism is still a movement which require to progress socially, economically and politically.

What I got from the overall tone of this book (albeit an obvious truth to me) was that there are many types of feminists, many types of women and many types of feminist beliefs.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Feminism? What did you think? 



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