What Not to Give This Christmas 

It’s official, I’ve used the word Christmas in a title and I made it all the way to mid November (late November by the time this post goes live.) 

Once again, the weather is cold, the seasonal depression is upon us and we’re all clocking up the heating bills but at least we have the Christmas season to look forward to! 

I’m so glad I have such a close little family of friends in Leicester, Christmas plans with my actual family and after two months of single life, things are looking very much up. That’s certainly the most important thing at Christmas, love for those around you.

Despite my total PMA about Christmas and the New Year, I’ve decided to feed the pessimist within by writing a total bah-humbug list of all the things nobody wants to open on the big day. I’ve seen far too many gift guides already this year and rather than giving you my best ideas, you can have my very worst. Enjoy.

Untitled #30
This horrendous Zombie Gnome

These awful Fur Lined Crocs

The USB Fridge that keeps a single can cool

The Daddle; a saddle for your dad for only £143

This Ridiculous Book of a Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates for over £60

This book on How to Speak Emoji

This iPotty Activity Set that allows your toddler to play and poop

Some fake Unicorn Meat

This Pachi Pachi Clappy just in case you can’t be bothered to clap with two hands

This sassy as hell Justin Bieber ‘Girlfriend’ perfume

These disgusting Knee High Boots that cost £210 Topshop

(Not pictured) This lovely Jar of Pickled Bums

Whats the worst give you’ve ever received or even seen?



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