Fifty Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Writers Block

writers block
source: pinterest


1. A list of all the books you want to read
2. Your top ten albums of all time
3. Places you want to travel to
4. Your 5 year plan
5. A review of your all time favourite movie
6. What you’ve been watching on Netflix
7. The best live shows/bands you’ve seen
8. The reasons you blog
9. Five unusual facts about yourself
10. A list of all the movies you want to see
11. A review of a product you wouldn’t normally blog about
12. A video or photo/text haul
13. A Christmas/Birthday gift guide
14. Your top five home cooked meals
15. A review of all the foundations/lipsticks/concealers you’ve tried
16. Your skincare regime
17. The worst products you’ve tried
18. A list of books that you never finished and why
19. Your haircare regime
20. Five ways to style ___
21. Five easy hairstyles
22. Your political stance/agenda
23. Five people dead or alive you’d love to meet
24. Top ten products under £10
25. Your favourite high end dupes
26. Guest post
28. Top 10 blogs
29. What apps are on your phone
30. Playlist – monthly or themed
31. Your ‘to do before I die’ bucket list
32. Top £1 or budget beauty buys
33. What you did this weekend
34. A reflection on the year so far
35. The perfect pamper night
36. Things to tell your former self
37. The dream (if I won the lottery) wishlist
38. Your favourite places to eat in ____
39. Makeup collection
40. What you’ve been watching
41. A friendship appreciation post
42. A letter to your future self
43. How you feel about a current event
44. A rant
45. What you’re currently burning (candles)
46. A review of your current smartphone/tablet/pc
47. How you budget & save
48. Your top 10 albums
49. Your desert island products
50. The worst products you’ve ever used



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