Alt J Live in Nottingham

2015-12-08 21.45.08

On Tuesday 8th December I traveled over to Nottingham to see Alt-J live at the Capital FM Arena. My parents treated me to the tickets for my birthday and it’s been really great having something to look forward to over the past few months. I took my friend Asha with me who is probably the most fun person to take to a live show.

We arrived just before the main support act started although quickly left the crowd and headed for the bar as The Horrors kicked off their less than interesting set. I was much more excited by the hot dogs being sold further out in the arena and managed to dip my hair in the excessive amounts of mustard and ketchup that I’d drowned my dog in. Sad times. At least it provided some entertainment while The Horrors played a mundane set.

Alt-J eventually filled the main stage at around 8:30pm and the crowd was instantaneously buzzing with energy. As you can see from the set list I’ve provided below, they opened with the intro track from their first album which although nice wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for. I would have much preferred a killer track like Breezeblocks or Left Hand Free. They played all the best songs though and their sound quality was insanely good, so much better than the previous acts. Asha and I were really impressed with the lighting throughout the show which gave the venue that epic concert feel and always makes for amazing photographs.

Merch wise I was a little disappointed with the tshirt and hoodie designs being relatively bland. I really liked the print they were selling but at ยฃ20 I just couldn’t justify the purchase, especially since their basic poster was only ยฃ5.

2015-12-08 21.57.45


  • Intro (from This is All Yours)
  • Every Other Freckle
  • Something Good
  • Left Hand Free
  • Bloodflood Part 1
  • Bloodflood Part 2
  • Dissolve Me
  • Matilda
  • Tessellate
  • The Gospel of John Hurt
  • Lovely Day
  • Hunger of the Pine
  • Warm Foothills
  • Taro
  • Breezeblocks



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