Dear Rebecca;


On November 1st 2015, I started a 2.75 year long challenge with 101 goals I wanted to achieve. Goal #11 was to write a letter to myself to open at the end of the challenge. I love having things to reflect back on and since this was an easy and personal goal I took it on as my very first. Although quite personal, I figured I would share it with you as part of my 101 in 1001 journey. Enjoy.

Dear Rebecca,

Congratulations. If you’re reading this post then you most probably haven’t quit blogging or writing or setting yourself goals for the future. You’ve been consistent enough to make it to the end of this challenge and I hope you have tried your very best to complete as many as possible. By the time you read this you are expected to fluently speak French, drive a car and have your own house. You’re either laughing or crying in response. The truth is; although I’ve made these solid goals, I don’t expect you to possibly complete every single one. I’m going to guess that you completed around 75 of these goals and anything more than that you can consider a real success (so high five yourself right now.) 

My expectations of you are high, not just because you’ve had 2.75 years but also because this is the first time you’ve been one-hundred and fifty percent certain that your life needs goals. You have been a work in progress for a very long time and so you should remain because self improvement is an endless goal. I hope you are still working hard on yourself and considering setting further challenges.

I hope you are finally happy with your body image and that you can share this wisdom with girls and women all over the world. By now you should have had the confidence to wear a bikini on the beach and I hope that you did with pride no matter what size you were. Your ink looks banging anyway so who the hell cares what your waist measurement is? You should have grown some long, mermaid like hair,

I hope you have published some more work. I don’t care if it’s popular, I just think it would be out of character for you to lose hope in a hobby you’ve been pursuing for twenty years. I know you will have published at least a couple of e-books in 2016 because as I write this you’ve got 8000 words drafted up for your next one.

You are about to turn 27 so I assume that by now you will understand yourself a little bit more and that you will have found someone who makes you happy and loves you for who you truly are. If you haven’t then it doesn’t matter because you are an independent woman with rock solid ambition and great eyebrows. Go girl.

You will have a house, whether it’s owned or rented we’ll see. I really hope you have found the space and time in your life for a dog. I’d like to think you went for a rescue dog but I already know you won’t do, you like puppies far too much. Now you’ve cleared your debt you probably have a decent amount of disposable income, that’s if you haven’t had a complete career change and take a huge pay cut. Hey, maybe you’re rich who knows? The aim is to at least be away from the depressing sales cycle. The aim is to have something stable both with the income and the working hours.

Liberalfemocrat should not only still be running but also home to over 800 posts and over one thousand followers. Bet your Insta’s on like 10K by now. LOL JK, the influx of followers last month was clearly nothing more than fluke and hardly any of them comment or interact. I’ll probably be back to a private profile before I know it. I do hope you’ve kept up your three per week routine when it comes to blogging though, it’s something you’ve tried so hard at.

The main thing I hope for you to find in this challenge is happiness. I don’t care if you’ve achieved just three of these goals as long as the end result is that you are now happy. I hope you also feel successful and proud and that when read this letter you reflect on your former self and feel like you have come far.






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