That’s What She Read: Cactus ๐ŸŒต


This is a rather special edition of That’s What She Read as it was my super talented, beautiful friend Marianne Eloise who wrote this adorable little poetry book. We met in university as we both studied Creative Writing as part of our joint honours degrees. I was instantly jealous of her white blonde hair and tiny frame but also the way she wrote and spoke. She’s got this incredible talent and I am so glad she is out there sharing it with the world in this lovely book and on both her blogs.

You can find Marianne’s blog here, her e-book here, the paperback copy here and her film/tv blog here.

You’ll see above that Marianne sent me a copy of the book with a handwritten letter on the sweetest kawaii strawberry stationary I’ve ever seen. She also sent a little Christmas card which is the only one I’ve actually received this year (although it’s been a few days since I checked my postbox!) I had it delivered to my friends address because of my awkward postbox, I opened it in front of everyone and they thought it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen.ย 

Cactus is a collection of 39 poems about places. Marianne grew up in Leicester but finds her heart belongs in the cobbled lanes of Brighton and the white beaches of Cali. As someone who knows all three places fairly well I found her imagery to be both nostalgic and directly relatable.ย Marianne writes in such a beautiful style that I’ve always seen from her and always loved. She talks about all the small details that make up a scene or a place or a feeling. Her childhood stories are heartbreaking and her poetry has been known to reduce me to tears. This short but sweet book is something beautiful and contemporary that can even be enjoyed by those who have never taken a liking to poetry. I’ll certainly be egging my friends on to get a copy.

Also if you are going for a paper copy, go directly through her Big Cartel, it’s cheaper for you as you’re not giving money to a third party.






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