New Years Resolutions 2016


Since I’ve already bombarded myself with goals as part of my 101 in 1001 challenge, I figured I’d take some key goals and use those as my resolutions for 2016. Having any more resolutions would be crazy so here’s my number, just call me lazy.

Drop a dress size
Find happiness with my body image

These are two I’ve already worked so so hard on not too long ago. I lost almost three stone a few summers ago but over the past few years I’ve gained over a stone of that back. Now at just 7lbs above my goal weight and almost fitting into my size eights again, the aim is to get there and stay there indefinitely.

Grow my brows in

Half way there already, my thinned out eyebrows (thank you 2002) are almost grown back into their natural shape. Will be done by Feb, booyah!

Send a care package to my friend January in Portland

I’ve been meaning to do this for a little while. It’s a nice idea to send care packages to friends abroad, especially friends abroad who are obsessed with the UK and so so easy to buy for!

Get a professional lap dance

I really wanted to do this for my birthday this year but we got too drunk to early and were home on the sofas by 4am. It’s the big two-five this year though so I know my friends won’t be able to resist treating me.

Donate blood again

Sadly, it takes four months after being tattooed for it to once again become safe for you to donate blood. Although I’ve already got a hefty collection and I don’t get tattooed often, it’s often very difficult to find a time of year that’s suitable.

Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time

Having written a letter to myself to open at the end of the 101 in 1001 challenge, I’m really excited to start writing this. Things 

Complete my CBT course

I started a CBT course last year and gave up pretty quickly because my medication started to fix things. I also gave up on that not much later. But I need to really follow through with it this time in order to permanently fix my anxiety & depression.

Quit Facebook for a month

I really wanted to do this throughout December but with it being Christmas, I needed to keep my account active in order to communicate with family and friends abroad. A month away from Facebook will more than likely help my sanity. 

Find a 2 bedroom house

I’ve been looking for a 2 bed house since I moved into my current flat and as soon as the perfect one pops up, I’ll be renting it. I’ve got a friend waiting to take over the tenancy at my current place just in case I find one while I’m still in my minimum term. 

Publish a second Kindle eBook

I started working on my second eBook in late November and I plan to self publish it on the Kindle store in `

Get my follower count on Bloglovin to 150

Bloglovin’ is a relatively new platform for me and I’ve been struggling to gain a following there so I’ll be reading up on how to get my Bloglovin’ page out there and hopefully reaching my first target of 150 followers.

Create a branding and logo for LibFem

I’ve been meaning to have a logo made for a while and next month one of my work colleagues will be drawing one up for me! I’m gonna go for a little cartoon of myself (complete with tattoos, piercings and on point eyebrows)and have it at the top of the page where the No Animal Testing testing logo currently sits.

Have 3 guest writers on my blog

I’ve wanted some guest writers for a while and this year will definitely be the one where I seek them out. There’s already a couple of bloggers I have in mind and I really hope they want to take up the opportunity!

Go to Norwich to visit the Clarke/Myall clan
Go to Sheffield to visit Rosanna
Go to Amsterdam again

I set out a fair few travel goals and although I don’t expect to complete them all, I’ve got a few important people that I really really need to see. It’s been far too long since I saw Amy and her family and the same with Rosanna. Amsterdam shall be happening very soon as my awesome parents gave me £250 towards it for Christmas, the babes!

Go to comic-con

I actually found out on the day that Leicester hosts its very own Comic-Con at The Curve Theatre (literally out the front of my flats) every summer. Sadly, I was waiting outside for a taxi and had plans so couldn’t go and join in but I noticed the Delorean and Star Wars characters outside the Theatre and it got me all excited for next year.

Host a cocktail party

I’ve wanted to do this for so long! Not like a huge Suarez but rather a small party of five or six friends with cocktails we’ve put together ourselves from cute little pinterest recipes.

Get a ukulele 
Learn to play said uke

SOMEBODY BUY ME A GOD DAMN UKE. Asha and I are going to be taking ukulele lessons throughout 2016. She also wants me to learn the harmonica which I’ll probably be giving a miss. Over Christmas I found out that both my auntie and grandma have been taking Ukelele lessons too… Family band?

Join a book club or start my own
Read 8 books in one month

Reading is one of my biggest passions and something I should start to make into more of a social activity. A lot of my hobbies are enjoyed in solitude and hopefully starting a book club will help me out of this, although reading 8 books in a month might throw me far in the other direction!

Buy my own furniture

I’m dead set on renting somewhere unfurnished; not just because it’s a little cheaper but also because I am fed up of styling my home around horrendously out of fashion furniture that looks odd and unmatched. I have my eye on so many great furniture collections, just need to find me a house first.

Streamline my make-up collection 

This is something I technically started working on at the end of the Summer when I went cruelty free but also something that’s still got a way to go. I felt like I’d almost streamlined it before but cruelty free buying has thrown all sorts of twists and turns from scandals to failed products.

Cover an entire wall in polaroid photos

I’ve started working on this one having ordered 30 or 40 more polaroids to add to the current 30 or 40 I have. Throughout 2016 I’ll be taking loads more photos and getting them all printed via LALALAB to cover an entire wall in my lounge.

Get my first smear test done (wah)

Ugh can we not discuss this one it makes me wanna cry. I hate having medical professionals poking around down there but I’ll be turning 25 in 2016 therefore it’s inevitable.

Learn to swim

Don’t get me wrong, my parents did send me to swimming lessons as a kid at our local swimming complex but it wasn’t long before my disruptive behaviour got the better of me. My swimming skills haven’t really improved since then with a weak doggy paddle being the best you can get out of me. Time to take adult swim classes.

Buy the person behind me a coffee without them knowing

This cute little idea was stolen from my friend Kirsty who does this around Christmas time as a random act of kindness. I’ve always thought the concept adorable and I can’t wait to seize the opportunity.

Go to a Watford match with my dad

All of my dad’s side of the family are avid Watford supporters and when I was little I used to get dragged along to all the matches (often falling asleep in the stands.) Recently after watching a rather exciting Leicester match (and enjoying a few games of Fifa) I’ve decided to give football another go and while I’m there spend some quality time with Martin.

Finish off my left arm sleeve

You may or may not have noticed my extensive collection of tattoos. I’ve got around 70 in counting and I’m dying to complete my left sleeve before moving on to finish of my legs.

Write in my journal every day for a month

I’ve written journals literally since I learned to write. They’re incredibly fun to re-read years later, they always provide insight into your former self and they make you feel better as you write. I’ll be choosing one month over 2016 to really log how I’m feeling and also incorporate CBT/mindfulness into this process. 

Send Birthday cards to 10 friends

Since I started adulthood so to speak I haven’t really sent out any Christmas or Birthday cards until late 2015 when I realised that it’s actually what most people do! So I plan to post out birthday cards to my friends across the UK this coming year.



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