Friday Five #10 : Five Things That Love Cannot Survive Without


1. Trust is easily the most important part of love. You categorically cannot let love flourish and grow should you not trust one another. A relationship should feel secure, you should know exactly where you stand and that should be by one another no matter what.  

2. Fun and laughter are so important in any relationship whether romantic or platonic. You must be able to have a really good giggle with your other half even when funds/schedules are tight. Having similar tastes in movies and music makes for great times out together, but unassissted the two of you need to have that chemistry.

3. Alignment of political & social views is another major factor in keeping love alive through life’s big decisions together. You can’t have opposite views on children or smoking or marriage and intertwine your life with somebody else’s or you’ll end up in a rather messy break up. 

4. Willingness from both parties to try and try and try and try and try. If you are comitted to somebody it means you are also comitted to making the relationship work. People give up far too easily and aren’t willing to break old habits which leads to failed marriages and broken homes. In a relationship you must work to resolve issues and also to prevent them. 

5. Intimacy is key to keeping love thriving. I’m not necessarily talking about lust and passion but also about emotional and physical connection. Holding hands, cuddling up on the sofa or in bed, talking late at night, sharing your most personal feelings and thoughts with another person; that is intimiacy and that is a huge part of falling in love and staying in love.




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