Romwe; Your 2016 Wardrobe for Less



I came across this awesome little site on a Facebook ad and I’ve been getting almost ALL of my clothes from there since. Delivery is nice and speedy and the majority of the clothes are very high quality, much better than places like Urban Outfitters or Topshop and just a fraction of the price. I’ve shown a couple of friends are they are seriously impressed with the site too so I thought I’d share with you the items I bought. One important piece of advice for shopping at Romwe (and online in general), check the measurements on the clothing against your existing clothes. Some items come up large and others come up small so it’s important to check. Also sign yourself up via Facebook even if you’re not going to order. I received a 70% off code via email and used to it to order almost all the items you can see here. As you can see from the FULL prices below, I paid peanuts for this winter’s wardrobe.



Loose top
£9.00 –

Black sweater
£11 –

Black cardigan
£11 –

Red shirt
£8.42 –

Brown sweater
£9.82 –

White t shirt
£7.84 –

Red shirt
£7.65 –

Black shirt
£7.37 –

Black t shirt
£7.37 –

Striped shirt
£6.94 –

White t shirt
£6.90 –

White top
£6.66 –

White t shirt
£6.24 –

Print t shirt
£5.54 –

Striped tee
£5.54 –

Black jacket
£28 –

Denim jacket

Pink coat

Black pants
£13 –

Halter top
£5.93 –

Black purse
£12 –

Drawstring bag
£8.89 –

Deer necklace
£1.61 –

Rose ring
£2.80 –

Rose ring
£3.50 –

Chain necklace
£3.11 –

Golden ring
£2.80 –

Silver necklace
£2.80 –

Silver jewelry
£1.40 –


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