Coping With Anxiety: Part 2


As you can probably tell, this is the second part of my post about coping with anxiety. It’s something I’m currently coping very well with after years of misery and something I’m very proud of myself for overcoming.

In part one I talked about the first four steps which are quite generalised in order to suit everybody.

1. Get a professional opinion

2. Use your resources

3. Analyse your anxiety

4. Make a Recovery

Once you’ve tailor made your recovery plan I can’t really advise on what to do next (except to follow that plan) however I can talk about some methods I find extremely useful. These things may help you to devise your entire plan or simply help you to execute it.


Mindfulness is about meditation and living in the moment. It helps you keep a clear mind, stop worrying and to enjoy life more. One of the key concepts of Mindfulness is meditating. Set aside some time each day to meditate in silence and simply clear your mind of all stress, anxiety and worry. You can practice mindfulness simply by sitting and enjoying the moment you are in each time you feel comfortable and happy. There are also tons of books on the subject.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is all about taking control back of your life and your thoughts. It is a very common treatment for anxiety, OCD and PTSD.

I can’t teach you everything I’ve learnt about CBT in one blog post but I highly recommend Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Dr Stephen Briers. I learnt a whole bunch of techniques from this book that have helped me tons to retrain my brain into thinking more positively and to stop falling into negative thought spirals.

You can find free resources for CBT online, on blogs, psychology & therapy sights and eBooks. There are also plenty of CBT books available on Amazon, this one has been particularly helpful to myself and a few people I know who’ve borrowed the book. 

+ Keep records of your thoughts & negative thought patterns
+ Find out what traps you fall into with your thinking
+ Learn some breathing techniques
+ Found out your triggers
+ Retrain your brain 

Positive Mental Attitude 

You may need to take baby steps, anxiety can be a total bitch and keep knocking you back. The important thing is to keep a positive mental attitude and accept that you will still have bad days, but you can now cope with these bad days using your techniques. Make plans for the future so you have good things ahead and keep trying and trying no matter what.






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