Notes on January 2016

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The Logic Bible: An Atheist’s Map to Heaven will be available to buy on Amazon tomorrow; Monday 1st February 2016

99p (introductory offer)


What a beginning to the year; I’ve started off 2016 by losing my job. I only lost my job because they heard that I’d been offered a job elsewhere, usually this would be illegal but they manage to get away with it by keeping all staff in their probationary period. This means I’m left with no leg to stand on and two weeks to get plenty of writing and me me me stuff done. I’m off to Southampton this weekend, Birmingham and London next week, Sheffield the week after and I have lots of tickets for fun things coming up too. 

I’ve been listening to lots of Grime, Reggae and Hip-hop this month (you can check out my playlist here) and accepting the fact that I’m basically a mid-twenties chav now. I’ve also been indulging in some great tv like Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Making A Murderer (more here) and I’ve even managed to burn my way through 11 books (see here). 




I honestly didn’t think I’d get much done over January because I suffered a bout of pneumonia and it made my anxiety go a little nuts but I was pretty productive and got through these few here. My blog goals are coming along really nicely and I’ll be spending plenty of time over the next month focusing on gaining a stronger readership.

I’ve also been practicing my lovely new ukulele (I bought one for myself and one for my friend Asha) and finding that it’s incredibly easy- I can’t wait for lessons in some more advanced techniques. I managed to smash through 10 books in January as well as grow my brows in and finally complete a fully streamlined cruelty free make up bag.

#4 Grow my brows in

#11 Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time

#37 Create a branding and logo for libfem

#67 Get a ukulele

#74 Read 8 books in one month

#80 Streamline my makeup collection

#98 Write in my journal every day for a month

#101 Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in my lifetime




I was planning on giving blood last month but thanks to sickness I wasn’t able to. I’ve booked in an appointment in the second week of February so hopefully my health is back to 100% by then! I’ve technically left the sales industry already but ensuring I don’t slip back into it is the main goal here.

I’m obviously going to be publishing my second Kindle eBook the day after this post goes live as well, don’t forget to grab a copy! I also thought since my eBook is finished that I should spend some time planning out my next piece of writing and of course boosting my Instagram profile even more.

A trip to Southampton is on the cards for this weekend (just before this goes live) and I’ve got my new prescription glasses on the way due for delivery this week.

Let’s make February count!

#9 Give blood again

#15 Write a letter to a friend

#23 Leave the sales industry

#27 Publish a second Kindle eBook

#28 Construct a clear plan for my novel

#35 Get my follower count on Instagram to 5000

#48 Go to Southampton to see Randall

#68 Learn how to play said uke

#84 Get my eyes re-tested and actually wear my prescription glasses

#91 Finish a Sudoku


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