OUT TODAY: The Logic Bible 


Today I am celebrating the release of my second e-Book The Logic Bible: An Atheist’s Map to Heaven on Amazon Kindle for only 99p (this week only, normally £2.99) 

This short eBook is a rant and commentary on modern organised religion from the perspective of our atheist generation. It is also a guide to living a healthier and happier life without religion, with accepting the misery and grief that comes naturally and being better through goal oriented living, meditation, mindfulness, CBT & self enlightenment.

I worked really hard on it over the last two months and I hope you appreciate how raw and honest I am throughout the piece.


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  1. Reblogged this on February Stationery and commented:
    My beautiful friend Becca has written an insightful account on her experience with atheism. It’s informative, funny, and above all only 99p on Amazon – for now. If you’re a believer it might not convince you otherwise, but in any case it’s a wonderful read by one of the most talented writers I am lucky to know.


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