Lush Valentines Collection 2016


Lush’s 2016 Valentines Collection is just adorable and I’m glad to be filling my bathroom with the scent of roses, pomegranate and lavender during this rather chilly February. I’ve put together this short but comprehensive guide to this year’s sweetest and loveliest Valentines range so you can decide which products are going to give you the most bang for your buck, enjoy!


Prince Charming

This shower cream is ever popular with fans of Snow Fairy, The Comforter and Rose Jam but unbelievably, I’ve never tried it! It’s just one of those products that was totally under my radar until this year where I’m extremely glad I picked it up!prince charming

On first sniff I was almost certain they’d accidentally filled the bottle with Rose Jam because the scent is so similar, however Prince Charming doesn’t actually contain any extracts from rose or rose oils. It takes it sweet charm from vanilla pods and pomegranate with undertones of marshmallow and grapefruit. It’s also loaded with essential oils and cocoa butter giving your skin that soft post-shower feel that only a Lush shower cream can live up to.



Lover Lamp

Another new product to me, this bath bomb will smother you with scents of cocoa butter, chocolate orange and vanilla. The scent can be described as nothing short of delicious and so typically Lush! It also leaves your skin super soft and the bath milky and full of little hearts!


Sex Bomb

I was super impressed with the look of the Sex Bomb, it was certainly the first one that stood out to me when I opened up my huge box of Lush goodies. This bomb is full of oriental ingredients like Ylang Ylang and Jasmine which is believed to help relieve stress and anxiety.



Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Unless you didn’t read the rest of this very post, you’ll know that I’m a total sucker for the Rose Jam scent. Anything rose is just divine and reminds me of Turkish delight and incense and my grandma. This bubbleroon is no exception, it leaves the bath beautifully pink and my skin smelling edible.


Tisty Toasty

Another one that I’ve never tried. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of bath bombs that have bits in them and this one’s full of dried flowers which isn’t the most pleasant when it floats past you in the tub. This is a much more perfumey scent than I normally go for, although I must say it has a nice rose tinge about it that combined with the other floral notes makes for a very grown up and luxurious smell. 



A French Kiss

And yet another product that I’m surprised has never made it into my basket! I love lavender but because I’d assumed before that this was a melt not a bubble bar, I’d avoided it (as I don’t think they’re the best value for money.) I’m so glad this will be making it into my bath time rotation especially for those late night well needed bubbles. 


Unicorn Horn

I’ve been waiting all year to get one of these badboys again! My full review from last year is available here. You may have noticed that this years Unicorn Horn has had a bit of a makeover and omitted it’s purple stripe but it still smells and bubbles as brilliantly as ever!





  1. Let me start by saying I’m obsessed with Lush so this post was right up my street! Secondly, I tried the Unicorn horn last year & although it looked beautiful & smelt gorgeous, it didn’t really make many bubbles in my bath, so I was a bit dissapointed.

    However, I did pick up the rose jam bubbleroon from the collection this year & loved the scent so much, I can’t wait to try it :) x


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