Friday Five #13: 5 Tips to Make Your CV Top

Photo by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

When I lost my job (for wanting to leave lol) I sent off a bunch of job applications, signed myself up for Indeed, Total Jobs, Monster and so on. For the next week or so my phone was ringing non-stop with agencies and recruitment teams and I put it all down to my newly re-shuffled CV which was inspired by a couple tips passed on to me by my friend/colleague/housemate Sophie. 


Keep all your language professional and simple. Your layout must reflect this simplicity too; don’t overcrowd the page with tons of information. A short and intruiging CV will lead to more phone calls and more interviews therefore more job opportunities!


For near enough any job role, the first thing your employer will be looking at is your experience. A tip my friend gave me was to remove my Profile altogether and instead begin my CV with my most recent job title and work my way down. I’ve had a number of jobs and not all of them are relevant to my current applications so I’ve highlighted the main 5 positions I held and kept the part-time ones listed briefly below. I then move on to my education and key skills.


Employers don’t want to read a description of your role, they want to know exactly how you as an individual made a difference within your company. You may want to include figures like how much money you made for them within a month, big names you have done projects for, targets you hit or achievements that may be relevant too.


Age is nothing but a number in the workplace; I’ve known people in their 50’s who have no idea how to do the job they’ve been doing for 15 years and I’ve known people of 19 and 20 at my last place who worked twice as hard as anyone else. Unfortunately not everybody has the same view on age as myself and it could be putting you at a disadvantage.


Don’t forget to head your CV with your name, email address and contact number as well as the city you live/work in before giving it a full proof read several times. I realised recently that the CV I’d used to apply for my most recent job (9 months ago) had a pretty major error on it where I had the heading for one job role and the information for another. Luckily I got that job on my reputation and only sent the CV for their file!


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