Getting the Most from Your Phone Battery

Photo by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

Although these tips are mostly handy for smartphones, they apply across the board with lithium ion batteries which are used in plenty of electronic devices now such as tablets and watches.

+ A couple of years ago if you researched li-ion batteries, many articles would advise you to charge to 100% and drain to 0/1% in order to keep your battery tip top. However more recent studies show you’re far better off charging until your battery reaches 80% and not charging again when your battery drops to around 20%. This diagram below demonstrates the concept perfectly.


+ New lithium ion batteries are specifically designed for what’s known as “burst charging” where you add 10 or 20% on when your battery is reaching the lower end of its life. This is simply down to the modern user being impatient with charges.

+ Never use your phone while it’s charging. This will damage the ions that keep being transferred back and forth as you drain and charge simultaneously. Again the above diagram can help you understand how those poor little ions will be moved rapidly between those two sections. This also included things like docking stations and in-car charging/data cables which will play music whole charging. Don’t charge your phone while streaming either, terrible.

+ Although the 20-80% method works fantasticically, it is still crucial that your first few charge cycles are strictly 100-0 and 0-100. Although these types of batteries don’t have much of a memory, they need to exercise the movement on those final ions at first so they can make best use of them again later.

+ Turn off all those additional functions like background app refreshing, Bluetooth and automatic updates. Keep your screen on automatic brightness and if you’re an android user, take advantage of all those incredible battery saving features that’s already built into your software!

Have you got any further tips on looking after your phone battery? Was this article particularly helpful? Please comment below xo



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