Friday Five #14: 5 Beautiful Fragrances for Under £10

all photos by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

Fragrance is something I’ve always splurged on but when I think about the cost involved in production compared to the price paid by the consumer, I just can’t get my head round it!

Some cheaper fragrances don’t have the staying power you see from high end brands but often they smell equally beautiful (and who cares if you have to top up every few hours when you’re spending so much less on the product!!)

I’ve compiled this short list of cruelty free fragrances which don’t break the bank but offer a high quality scent and more staying power than most.

Victoria’s Secret Body Spray, £8.50

I’m using Love Spell at the moment but there’s not really any one Victoria’s Secret fragrance that I’ve found to be better than any other. They’re one of those body sprays that once you’ve used you’ll be asked “who’s just sprayed something delicious?” over and over until you’re sick of it. It’s awesome, I promise.

Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume, £7

I’ve loved this fragrance since the second it was release and I used to go for their rather pricey liquid perfumes until a friend of mine treated me to a Vanillary gift set one Christmas and changed my tune. For just £7, this solid perfume gives off a strong and gorgeous vanilla scent.

Body Shop 30ml Eau De Toilette, £8.50

I love these cheap and cheerful scents and currently have Smoky Poppy, White Musk Libertine and Tangerine on the go. Sadly the first two are no longer available but there are plenty of other fabulous scents to try out like Honeymania which I’m dying to sample! 


Suddenly Madame Glamour, £3.99

This is the cruelty free Chanel dupe we’ve all been waiting for (massive thank you to Gill McLaughlin who discovered this!) It’s £51 cheaper than Chanel and although it doesn’t have the staying power, as Gill points out; you can’t complain when it’s only £3.99 for a whopping 50ml. Oh Lidl I am far too impressed.

*worth mentioning that Lidl have no official policy on being against animal testing although do manufacture this product in the UK meaning it hasn’t been tested on animals. It may contain ingredients that have been tested on animals by other companies outside the UK therefore some may consider this non-cf. I think of it like a veggie buying chips in McDonalds, the funding is indirect therefore still achieves what we want.

Ted Baker Mint Body Spray, £8.00

I couldn’t help but stop and oggle at the new Ted Baker bath & body range in its beautiful pastel jewel packaging, it’s beautiful (go take a look!) When I actually sampled the products I was more than impressed by the chic, high end style scent it gave off. Again, the wear time isn’t fantastic on this but I’ve had some comments about how great I’ve smelt recently and I’m sure it’s this rather than my Sure deodorant for men. 

Have you got any scent favourites that give you lots of bang for your buck? Or do you perhaps have something to say about the ones above?



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