Nine Posts I’m Proud to Have Written

Photos by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

Recently I’ve been making a lot of changes to my blog. I’ve made a lot of effort to put out much better quality images and I’m currently waiting on the arrival of a daylight lamp and tripod. I’ve created a new layout, some sexy new headers and started sharing LibFem across many platforms.

It’s also been a time for a lot of reflection on my blog, thinking about where it started and where it is going. I have had wondering moments of should I start over? and do I need a name change? but I think I’ve finally found my blogging voice and it’s okay to combine politics, lifestyle, beauty & books. 

If I were to submit a “blogging cv” so to speak, these are the posts I’d submit. I took a long look through my old posts while compiling this and I found some of my old photographs hilarious- the quality compared to now is appalling!

lust list

The Lush A/W Lust List 2015

This was one of the very rare times in which I fully researched the products for a season before I went mad on payday. I’ve since tried and loved all of these except for the Rose Jam fragrance and Salted Coconut hand scrub.

My Tattoos #1 & #2

I look back on these and they’re actually quite different to the rest of my content. I’d like to see more posts like these and I have plenty more tattoos to showcase so I’ll definitely be writing 3, 4, 5 and so on. 

Green Party Policies That May Sway Your Vote

Although this mostly isn’t in my own writing, I like how this posts takes a subject that most find complex and breaks it down in a simple manner that could easily sway a non-voter to make use of their democratic freedom.

libfem friday five

Friday Five #4: Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

This was one of the very first photos I was truly proud of on my blog. The lighting was right, the flat-lay was perfectly assembled and the colours complimented each other. I’ve tried to keep this as my ‘minimum standard’ of photo since.

47 Happy Things.

This post made such a difference to my mood that week and it’s great to look back over. I’d definitely recommend writing your own one of these lists whether you’re a blogger or just a reader, it’s such a mood booster.

Dear Rebecca,

This was something quite big and personal for me to share and I feel pride in my ability to just let these things out sometimes, to show my raw feelings in a somewhat public space.

vitamin e range

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

This was the first and only time I’ve ever reviewed a full range of products. I rarely follow a whole line of skincare but this is one I’m still vouching for and will more than likely take on next winter when my skin needs all that extra hydration once again. I also love the photo I took for it, that packaging is to die for.

25 Things That Unexpectedly Happen When You Reach Your Mid Twenties

I’m kinda sad I didn’t take a photo for this post because I’m pretty damn please with the content itself. I remember getting several email replies to this all along the lines of how much people related to it, good to know that I’m normal then!

101 Goals in 1001 Days

I am more proud of my own progress with this challenge than the post itself. It’s actually received a large amount of clicks but zero comments! I think this is mainly down to the readers of this type of personal post being mainly friends & family who don’t have WordPress accounts to use, they are more likely to respond via email therefore leaving the post sad and commentless.





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