The Pamper Evening


My lifestyle has been pretty go-go-go lately. I’ve been managing some freelancing, writing 4 posts a week for this blog, I’ve started a new job and I’ve moved home (temporarily) as well as trying to find the perfect house and juggling a new and exciting relationship. So many crazy unexpected things have already happened in 2016 as well as cramming in a hefty social agenda. I absolutely love it however there are times where I just want to wind down and be alone and get myself back to sanity. 


The Good Things Manuka Honey Mask

This manuka honey radiance mask is soothing, refreshing and smells absolutely divine! It’s also natural and cruelty free as well as reasonably priced- a winner from all directions. Manuka honey is known for its healing properties and combined with beeswax and white clay it drenches your skin in nutrients leaving it rejuvenated and hydrated.

Lush Golden Handshake

Golden handshake is a the latest addition to Lush’s selection of hand care products. It goes a lot further than Lush’s website’s video makes out and I’ve already got three uses from mine. Just break/cut off a small amount, mix into hot water and smother over your hands. It leaves them super soft and hydrated which  is definitely needed in these colder months!

Lush Mmmelting Moment Bath Oil

I popped into my local Lush to pick up a Karma bubble bar last week and spotted this cute new bath oil which smells exactly like Snow Fairy. So sweet, marshmallowey and the perfect treat for a pamper night bath with your favourite soundtrack and a pack of delicious….

Butterfingers Bites

YES POUNDLAND! Butterfingers are one of those rare treats that you pay £2 a bar for at an indie American candy shop or in the overpriced American section of your local Tesco. If you’ve never tried one, a Butterfinger is kinda like a Crunchie had a baby with some peanut butter and it all kicked off in your mouth. These mini bites are a much better size for such a sickly sweet chocolate and at only £1, how could you say no?  


Here are a few posts I’ve written that I feel are good for the mind! Having good reading material for a pamper evening is crucial and obvs instead of settling down with a good book you should spend hours reading through my LibFem archives (jk but at least take a brief look!)


Body Positivity 

Coping With Anxiety Parts 1 & 2



My original intention for this post was to note an album or playlist that I thought was relaxing or refreshing but I think it’s not only different for every person but for every mood you are in. Sometimes I unwind by sticking a piece with no lyrics, something mellow and soothing. At other times I’d rather stick on a grime track I can rap to or an old indie/rock song from my teens. Listen mindfully, sing your heart out and enjoy it as your SOUL (excuse the pun) entertainment rather than background noise.


Now some may have put this one under the ‘mind’ header but books are toooootally good for the soul mannn. What better to sit down with a book/graphic novel/Kindle single/magazine/blog post you’ve read over and over and just enjoy it rather than filling your head with new material. Winding down is all about watching and reading your old favourites!


If you’re a writer of any sort you may find that you rarely write for your own eyes any more. If you blog you’ll be used to writing for the eyes of others and often have that what a waste if it’s not for my income/blog/book feeling. But writing for your eyes only is therapeutic; it allows you to get things out that need not be shared with anyone (let alone the world wide web) and if you write fiction for yourself too it can be the beginning of your very best ideas!


What did you think of this post?
How do you wind down? What are your favourite pamper products?



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