Notes on February 2016

all photos by rebecca loose, // all rights reserved


When I said January had been a crazy month I had no idea what was ahead of me. February has been incredible! I’ve had so much fun and met so many cool new people and just had a total whale of a time. 

My two very best friends got engaged, I moved into their spare room, my friend came to visit from Portland, two birthdays were celebrated, I started a new job mid-month and amongst the madness I managed to cross off a whopping six of my goals. 

I feel so warm and fuzzy inside and just totally blessed with the relationships I have. Nawwww


I started off the month with the release of my eBook The Logic Bible and had a bunch of job interviews before a rather messy weekend down south to celebrate (Jack) Randall’s 23rd birthday. Here I am screaming my head off to some cheesy tune in Southampton’s Popworld with the birthday boy.

The next weekend was spent celebrating both the engagement of my two best friends in the whole world as well as one of their birthdays. We all went down to London and surprised the birthday girl and had an unforgettable night out.




Taking my housemate to give blood for the first time was a rewarding experience but I’d have to say this month I am more proud of my eBook release which has been pretty well received. I am also enjoying the training course for my new job role which isn’t a far cry from sales but in such a refreshing environment. I love working for a huge company with amazing benefits, I’ve met some amazing and diverse personalities and I finally feel comfortable and valued in my workplace. I’m also having loads of fun styling my new strict corporate wardrobe and playing around with office fashion.

#9 Give blood again
#23 Leave the sales industry
#27 Publish a second Kindle eBook
#48 Go to Southampton to see Randall
#84 Get my eyes re-tested and actually wear my prescription glasses
#91 Finish a Sudoku



Throughout March I’d love to achieve the following. I’m settling back into the routine of employment and being a level headed human being so I know if I put my mind to it I can achieve all these and more! I meant to cross off #15 and 35 last month but I’m well ahead of schedule so far anyway so it’s hardly a set back. I really want to get started on some guest posting too so if you’re interest please get it touch by emailing

#15 Write a letter to a friend
#16 Send a postcard in to Post Secret
#19 Find a 2 or 3 bedroom house
#28 Construct a clear plan for my novel
#35 Get my follower count on Instagram to 5000
#40 Guest write on 1/3 blogs
 Have 1/3 guest writers on my blog




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