Alpecin Double Effect


We’ve all seen the annoying advert on telly with the shampoo bottle zooming in and out of view and we all questioned it, assumed it was for balding men and moved on our merry ways. But recently I decided to try Alpecin myself as I’ve always had thin, weak hair which grows very slowly. It took three years for it to grow back after I had it cut super short and last March I cut it down a shoulder length bob.

I’ve been keeping my hair in good condition by treating it with coconut and argon oils as well as rarely using heat and only using wash-out dyes. It’s grown tons in this time and thanks to my new friend Alpecin; it’s now starting to get thicker and stronger than ever.

Alpecin does not claim to grow your hair but what it does do can lead to much faster hair growth. It’s main properties are moisturising and preventing dandruff (something which can slow down hair growth) and using caffeine to strengthen hair.

I was surprised by the colour of the shampoo, it’s a translucent lilac and as expected has a standard male product scent -although it is quite subtle. I tend to follow up with a scented argan oil conditioner so my hair doesn’t smell too manly. I’ve found since using this double strength formula that my hair feels much thicker and seems to be growing very quickly at the moment too although I must admit I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much as £7.99 on a bottle of shampoo that’s lasted a month. I will be repurchasing although I’ll be using this once every few washes and using a regular shampoo in between.

Have you tried Alpecin? Did you find it worth the money?





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