Notes on March 2016

All Photos by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

With no regrets, March was a little less hectic than Feb and was mostly spent settling in to my new job and the house I moved into on the 24th. I’m glad to finally have my own space again so I can get back to my usual productive self.

I only managed cross off two goals this month which were;

#19 Find a 2 or 3 bedroom house
#83 Learn how to paint & decorate

But I’m on only 155 days into the 1001 day challenge and I’ve crossed off a total of 20 goals so I’m happy with my progress.


I’m doing great at my new job, settling into my new home and I have such a fantastic support network around me both here in Leicester and down by the south coast that I feel unstoppable and so so ready to tackle a few more goals in April.

#15 Write a Letter to a Friend
#35 Get my follower count on Instagram to 5000

Number 15’s been nagging on me since January and is something I really want to do so I need to buck my ideas up!

35 is just a matter of time although I would like to have hit 5000 last month, I’m glad I didn’t since it would be a great chance to run a giveaway and I was incredibly short for money.

#1 Drop a dress size
#9 Get a cat or dog

Hey remember that time I was a whole lot fatter? I’m starting to every time I try to squeeze into a pair of tight jeans. I’m currently a UK 10 but I want to get back to a size 8 for the summer. Its where I feel comfortable and small and cute. I’m only 5″2 so it’s the right size for me.

Now that I have somebody to share care of an animal with, I can finally get myself a pet. We plan on getting two house cats but we’ll be adopting from a local rescue centre.


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