Friday Five #18: 5 Things We Need to Stop Shaming & Start Talking About


This ones a biggie, one that we all know we need to talk about more yet somehow manage to avoid. The topic of mental health can be sensitive but not talking about these issues leads to a sense of shame and embarrassment. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or something else affecting you, it can be a very lonely place if you don’t share these issues. It’s not always easy when there isn’t somebody to confide in but whether you talk about these with a trained professional, friend, family member or a complete stranger, it needs to be discussed. 


We all need to stop being so damn grossed out by that thing that is happening for a total of approximately 6.25 years of every woman’s life. Like hypothetically I should be able to walk across my office with a tampon (in the wrapper and unused of course) in my hand and not be judged or commented on, nor should I have to pay tax on my sanitary products (although that’s an entirely different rant) and attitudes towards menstruation should be rethought.


I think the above two issues have been addressed quite freely in the blogging world with the matters of periods and mental health being widely addressed as a problem that needs taking down but the subject of abortion seems untouched (please if you know of any posts that talk openly about the matter then send them my way.) Abortion is a total taboo issue for most but feminists seem to widely agree that the right to choice is one worth fighting for. After all the woman who decides to end her pregnancy is no weaker than the one who chooses motherhood.


Sex is becoming less and less of a taboo subject and in all honesty my friends and I speak very openly about it. It’s still something that although we all acknowledge we don’t talk about in an open and honest way especially across the generations. But body shaming still seems to be a massive issue and the attitudes we as a society towards nudity is damaging. ALSO… free the female nipple. 


Religion can be a sensitive subject for some and one that I’ve not been afraid to openly discuss (hence my book The Logic Bible which was released in February.) Yes, people can be offended when discussing their beliefs but they should be talked about freely and without judgement. I have on many occasion had some fascinating debates with friends and colleagues on their religious beliefs and I think it gives a beautiful insight into the kind of person somebody is.




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