As I mentioned in my Friday Five last week, abortion is a topic that is not discussed enough and therefore is associated with shame. It is such a sensitive subject because the views on it are so vastly different with the majority standing either strongly for or strongly against it.

I read this article recently on the Indie and was outraged that in this day and age a woman was sentenced for the “crime” of abortion. To me, it’s a no brainer, all women should have the right to choose.

My personal view on abortion is WOW WHAT A FABULOUS MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH, like how amazing that we can not only prevent conception but also reverse it?! It gives women the choice when their contraception fails them, to either take motherhood or end the pregnancy and continue with whatever fun adventure they were on.

Prior to 20 weeks of pregnancy, the foetus has absolutely no sense of feeling or pain and has no conscience. In my opinion that is the equivalent to a plant and although it has the potential to grow into a human, it is no different than cutting down a tree (soz trees.)

I also strongly believe that this earth is over populated (check out this link where you can watch the population increase in real time) and all of these so called problems like immigration, budget cuts, lack of housing etc are simply caused by the fact that there are too many people. People are having too many children and I just don’t understand why anybody would want more than 2.

Only 55% of pregnancies in the UK last year were planned and a whopping 16.2% were unwanted, so what does that say about our population crisis? Maybe we’re all just a bunch of horny animals who can’t keep it in our pants but also that as a nation we have a major problem with using contraception! 

In the UK, abortion is legal on the basis that it is performed before 24 weeks but internationally, abortion is neither widely available or accepted. I’m sure we’ve all read or heard horror stories from across the world either via Amnesty or in the news in which a woman has been imprisoned or murdered for attempting to end her pregnancy. This one from the indie (that I mentioned before) however was certainly too close to home… A 21 year old woman was jailed for ordering abortion medication online after being unable to end the pregnancy professionally due to bans on abortion in Northern Ireland. You can sign Amnesty’s petition here.

When is abortion acceptable? Always. People talk about it being ‘okay’ to end a pregnancy when the mother has been raped or if the child will be born with a severe defect. But it’s not just these situations where terminating your pregnancy is the right choice for you, sometimes it can be because you can’t financially support a child or because you don’t want to be a parent. All the reasons are okay as long as it’s the right reason for you.

If you still think abortion isn’t okay then that’s fine too; everybody is entitled to their own opinion! But if your opinion does sit on that side of the fence, that’s where it should be kept. It is not your right to judge or get involved in what somebody else chooses to do with their body. Who are you to judge? Mind your own uterus!

How did you feel about this post? Do you think it’s a topic that needs to be talked about more? Comment below or drop me an email at libfemblog@gmail.com




      1. Yes this is a serious account and I feel guilty every single day I would of never aborted my baby if I’d of known my mother and father-in-law owed us £28.000 I wish I asked more questions I feel so betrayed by my husband


      2. I’ve tried but because of the way of life we lead it’s almost impossible for an outsider to understand I have tried that route and just end coming away angry and frustrated that’s why I’ve created this blog at least I can talk openly about my feelings and issues I’ve created my blog with my backup email so it’s not anyway connected to my Facebook thank you for taking the time it does help x


  1. I have a school friend who shares pro-life stuff a lot and I find it so fucking offensive, like great you care about that bean but…not children? Not women? I hope you’re going to fund that woman while she has to take time off work for the baby she doesn’t want. I hope you’re for adopting unwanted kids or helping them through school. I hope you give money to charities for abused, unwanted children…naaahhhhh…she’s just sad about all the “dead babies” and wants to make women feel bad for exercising autonomy. “How would you feel if your mum aborted you.” Nothing. I would feel literally nothing because I would have been aborted before I had thoughts. Step off and go look after some women or children for a change.

    (Sorry I just have to look at this shit on my timeline and I can’t say anything loooollll)


    1. Pro-life campaigning is soooooooooo tricky, like they try to look all positive but they are just amplifying the shame and embarrassment women feel when they have to make that decision. And the “how would you feel if your mum aborted you?” argument…. So flawed *massive facepalm*

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      1. It’s like, NO woman makes that decision lightly. For some kids being aborted and not having a life is better than the upbringing they would have had. For a lot of women it’s the best choice. I can’t say confidently that I would want one but like that doesn’t make it my decision to make for another woman??? Ughhhhh yeah they want to look positive but it’s like…superficial and lazy to be all “I feel squeamish and sad about the liddle babies” while shitting all over women’s rights. Uuuuggghhh

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