Netflix & Chill #6

All Photos by Rebecca Loose, // All Rights Reserved

I had no broadband for 9 days and it might possibly have been the worst 9 days of my life! I am of course joking and survived absolutely fine without it thanks to my 10gb data plan for tethering to my iPad, laptop, Kindle & PC. But during that time I didn’t waste any precious 4G on streaming and now I’m back online I’ve been binging a fair bit on Netflix. On that note, here’s what I’ve been watching…


I watch this the second I noticed it had appeared on Netflix’s Recently Added section. Spice World was one of my favourite childhood movies and a real nostalgic watch. Looking back, it was so cheesy and over the top with some real stomach stitching moments.


It was the ‘all-star’ cast that had me drawn into Cuckoo; when I saw Adam Samberg alongside Greg Davies and several other familiar faces I was super excited to binge watch this series. Sadly, Adam Samberg is killed off at the start of season 2 and the actress who plays his wife is swapped for someone completely different with no explanation so it’s not necessarily worth a watch. Season 1 however is hilarious and more than worth your time.


This quirky little Netflix original series had to be re-watched because I just really really enjoyed it. I found the whole mid-twenties dating game vibe about it to be very relatable. I think I watched this within two days so fingers crossed for a second series! 


Okay seriously prepare to cry your eyes out especially if you’re experiencing PMS and lack of sleep like I was when I watched this. Set during World War II, this heartbreaking story follows the son of a concentration camp leader as he befriends a young jewish boy in a set of striped ‘pyjamas’.


HIMYM has finally been added to UK Netflix and although I must have seen it several times through that hasn’t stopped me from watching it again and again on my smart tv. It’s one of those shows I’ve seen over and over yet still laugh at (much like Friends) and something I can throw on in the background while writing this blog post!


I’ve watched and loved most of Simon Peggs films so when I saw this pop up on Netflix I was surprised I’d not heard of it. It’s got the same sort of vibe as Yes Man and The Invention of Lying but this time the protagonist has the ability to make absolutely anything happen simply by saying it and waving his hand. There’s a couple silly plot-holes but overall it’s a great film! I watched it again 2 days later with my mum, auntie and house-mate and they all loved it.


I finally watched Frozen and yeah I kinda loved it like everybody else and it was no surprise at all. I enjoyed it so much in fact that a few days after the first watch I put it on in the background while Katie and I painted my kitchen and sang Let it Go at the top of our lungs.



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