My Makeup Bag Circa 2006

Photo by Rebecca Loose, // Via Polyvore

I was reminiscing on where my whole obsession with make up came from and thought back to a few of my first ever beauty purchases like good old Dream Matte Mousse and Charlie Perfumes and thought I’d share the snippet of nostalgia with you. I also threw a Motorola V3 Razr in the mix on the photo because EVERYONE who was cool had one right?


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation

I’m so sad that this made my skin look so matte and flawless as a teenager but turned me into a scaly monster in my twenties. It’s weird, I had almost perfect skin when I was younger and never got spots, just the odd blemish. As soon as I turned 21, BAM thank you very much skin. I get so many break outs now! For some reason despite the break outs my skin is dryer that it was as a teen and can’t hold this drying mousse for more than a few minutes. RIP my pretty.

Benefit Bad Gal pencil eyeliner

I think I loved this because it was the first real expensive make up item I bought and it made me feel oh so grown up and sophisticated even though I actually looked like a stupid little emo kid with far too many shag bands on my wrists.

Maybelline Great Lash mascara

The first mascara I ever swore by! I loved this when I was young but as I got older I found it clumpy and the brush far too small and everybody knows that the brush is the #1 most important thing on your mascara. Idgaf about the formula these days because I’ve grown up enough to realise my eyelashes are actually naturally awesome and just need a little coat to accentuate their curves.

Black nail polish (usually Barry M)

When I was a teenager I had two nail colours; clear and black. I was super cool and wished they made a dark colour than black.

Rimmel eyeshadow quads

Ew I literally used to buy these because I had no idea how to create and blend my own colour palette. They were safe and cheap and as far as I remember they were actually quite pigmented. Can’t say I ever used the horrendous little spoolies the came with them although I do remember watching a friend apply using one before and her makeup looked shit. Sorry girlllll.

Revlon Charlie Red Fragrance

I went into Superdrug and sniffed this again recently after drafting this post and OMG what was I thinking, it smells so cheap and belughhh. It was so popular with everyone in school and you justย hadย to have the aerosol mini in your handbag or you can’t sit with us at lunch.

What were your favourite beauty purchases when you were 15?


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