24 Anxious Thoughts That Go Through My Head

imagePhoto by Rebecca Loose, LibFem.com // All Rights ReservedI’ve written about my experience with anxiety here & here and it’s something that can make you feel very alone. A couple of people in my life are having some serious trouble with it and in order to stop them feeling so alone I thought I’d share a list of some of the things that run through my mind when I’m feeling anxious…

  1. I hope nobody notices the sweat that won’t stop forming on my upper lip, is it gone?
  2. My housemate is 7 minutes late home I hope nobody has stabbed him on his walk home
  3. Somebody stiiiiiinks of B.O that’s embaressing, oh shit is that me?
  4. Omg that total stranger just caught me looking at them I think I might die of embarrassment
  5. If I’m late and miss this train my entire weekend away will be ruined and I’ll just have to come home and cry
  6. What if everyone’s actually conspiring against me?
  7. Okay everybody is conspiring against me.
  8. What was that sound? This plane’s engine is going to stop and we will all fall to our imminent deaths.
  9. What if when I land it’s like Amsterdam airport where I couldn’t find my way out and walked round in circles for an hour or two?
  10. What if it was all a joke and nobody’s meeting me at the airport?
  11. My mum hasn’t called for a week she must be dead.
  12. My phone hasn’t rung all day, it must be broken.
  13. Why is everybody staring at me?
  14. Is there something on my face like a massive black mark or a whole corn flake or what?
  15. There are too many people in here I can’t breath.
  16. I have reached my quota for socialising today, get me home.
  17. I don’t want to go out in case I want to come home later and can’t get back until my friends leave.
  18. Person X said to meet at location Y at this time, I’m here and I can’t see them and I want the ground to swallow me up.
  19. Oh great my palms are sweating.
  20. My throat feels like its closing up, how am I going to get oxygen?
  21. My heart should not be beating this fast I am definitely having a heart attack.
  22. My whole body is tense and tight and I just need to cry.
  23. I just want this feeling to stop and go away.
  24. I want to feel normal.


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